Central Javanese Food

Central Javanese Food

Central Javanese Food

spring rolls

Lumpia is a typical food from the Semarang area, Central Java. Lumpia contains bamboo shoots, chicken, and shrimp wrapped in flour-based skin. However, nowadays spring rolls have various fillings such as vermicelli, mozzarella cheese, and so on. Lumpia is famous for its fried foods, although some spring rolls are steamed.

Know Dreadlocks

Dapurletter – Semarang does have a lot of culinary specialties which until now are famous everywhere, including dreadlocked tofu. This dreadlocked tofu is not just tofu, but in the middle of the tofu, the plate will be side by side with unique fillings such as bean sprouts, eggs, raw cabbage, rice cake, and dreadlocks. Of course, later on, the combination of ingredients, there is peanut sauce. The dreadlocks themselves, are fried flour filled with shrimp. Usually, the dreadlocks will be sliced ​​according to the maker’s taste.

Tempe mendoan

wet and dry food//Tempe

Banyumas food is tempe mendoan. What is tempe mendoan? a semi-cooked snack. This food is very delicious when eaten freshly cooked and drinking iced tea will be fresher and more delicious.


In Central Java, there are many types of Soto. Because Central Java has areas that are famous for their Soto. For example, Pekalongan has the most famous Soto Tauto. Apart from that, there is a sacred area still in the Central Java area. So that Soto Kudus is also very famous in Central Java.

Mie Ongklok

This time, Wonosobo is famous for its Ongklok noodles. Noodles boiled with cabbage, chopped chives, and thick starchy sauce. Currently, there are lots of people selling Ongklok noodles on the roadside.