Good Food For Kidney Failure

Good Food For Kidney Failure

Good Food For Kidney Failure

The kidneys in the human body are small but have a very large effect if they are damaged. Moreover, the function of the kidneys themselves cannot be repaired and causes complications. What causes kidney damage is not only sudden, of course, so food intake needs to be considered. Here are good foods for kidney disease


Foods that contain antioxidants are good for kidney care. Blueberries are not only good for the kidneys but for the heart, cancer, and even diabetes. Dapurletter


Besides being rich in vitamin C and fiber. Radishes are also rich in vitamin B6. to consume radishes you can do with roasted or boil them.


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Cabbage has vitamins K, B, and vitamin C. Although cabbage contains phosphorus, sodium, and potassium, it has low levels.


Apart from being a food fragrance, garlic is so good for the kidneys. Because garlic also contains vitamin C, and vitamin B6, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


The vitamin content in cauliflower is B9, vitamin K and vitamin C. Of course eating cauliflower is suitable for kidney sufferers and even normal people.

Foods containing omega 3

The type of food that contains omega-3 is fish. Where the fish in question are tuna and salmon. What triggers kidney disease is high blood pressure, so fish can reduce high blood pressure.

Red grape

The fruit in red grapes contains vitamin C and contains flavonoid antioxidants. The content of these flavonoids can prevent damage to the kidneys, liver, heart, and others.


Fresh pineapple fruit is very important for the body and can reduce cancer inflammation. The fiber present in pineapples and rich in vitamin C is a great vitamin in pineapples.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains oleic acid, making it suitable for kidney sufferers. Usually, those who suffer from kidney failure are a bit difficult to control their weight.
Skinless Chicken
Even if you have kidney disease, you should not lack protein so that complications do not occur. But protein intake should not be excessive, so if kidney disease is going to eat chicken, it is better for the breast without the skin. Because the chicken breast contains phosphorus, sodium, and low potassium.

The content of foods such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus needs to be watched out for by kidney patients. Limiting sodium it will make the kidneys will quickly improve.