East Javanese Typical Food

East Javanese Typical Food

East Javanese Typical Food

East Java is a province that has many cities. So you don’t need to wonder why you have to go from one place to another to target East Javanese specialties. Because these differences make tourists enjoy. Indeed, currently, there are a lot of special foods in East Java in metropolitan cities, but the taste from the place of origin is different. It’s a loss if you don’t try typical East Javanese food while traveling.

Soto Lamongan

Dapurletter – It’s no secret that if you go to East Java, you will remember Soto Lamongan. Soto Lamongan has a unique taste, at first, you might be surprised. But when you absorb Soto Lamongan you will be addicted.

Malang Meatballs

This meatball has a savory and delicious sauce. Apart from that, Malang meatballs are famous for their dumpling crackers that accompany your meatball meal. To find poor meatballs, you don’t have to go to Malang, of course. There are already many who sell poor meatballs.

can be enjoyed in a variety of cuisines//Soto
Getuk Banana

This typical food from Kediri makes a lot of fans. Because of that, there are already many restaurants that provide Getuk Pisang. the Getuk from Kediri has different basic ingredients than the others because bananas have basic ingredients. Unlike others where Getuk uses sweet potatoes, breadfruit, or cassava. Eat banana Getuk usually mixed with grated coconut.


This black soup is a typical food from East Java. But now it’s easy to find Rawon everywhere. With an identical black color, not a few eat this dish with a mixture of meat and rice only.

Rojak Cingur

Surabaya’s special food is rujak cingur. The actual stuffing for rujak Cingur is the beef mouth that has been boiled. Then added with bean sprouts, tofu, cucumber, rice cake, pineapple, tempeh, and peanuts.