Papuan Food

Papuan Food

Papuan Food

In Papua, it is known for food ingredients that use sago. But in fact, the people of Papua have other advantages in preparing food. So the basic ingredients of food will vary. The types of food that are famous in Papua are not only based on sago because you can also find caterpillars, eggs, and fish in Papua.


The food of caterpillars in Papua is no longer a secret, usually caterpillars in Papua become caterpillar satay. Caterpillars have low cholesterol levels and high protein. Not a few Papuan people eat caterpillars directly from the tree or fry them, and even stir-fry them.


In Papua, there is not only one type of worm but there are sea worms, Tambelo worms in Papua. Worms in Papua have different functions. It is believed that sea worms will increase vitality and energy for men. Dapurletter

Cheating Shrimp

Shrimp in Papua has a different shape than the others. Because this shrimp has claws like crabs. Of course, everyone already knows the benefits of shrimp. But few know that cheating shrimp has a soft, fibrous meat texture like lobster.


Papeda is currently not only famous in Papua but Papeda is well known throughout Indonesia. Especially now that Papeda is being sold everywhere, including in metropolitan cities. With a thick, dense texture and a fresh taste, this is the uniqueness of Papuan cuisine. It’s not that difficult to make papeda, but it must be admitted that it’s quite difficult to make papeda like the original.

Taro Mash

Mashed taro is made from boiled taro leaves and then crushed until smooth. This mashed taro is usually accompanied by shredded fish or Sambak. Not a few also make other types of food so that they can coexist with mashed taro. Because the texture and taste of mashed taro are bland, but soft because the texture is like baby food.

Lontar cake

If you don’t pay attention properly and don’t feel this food then you will definitely call it a pie. Because the shape is the same as a pie cake. But the basic ingredients of lontar cakes are flour and milk. And the whole lontar cake is made from flour, milk, and vanilla, so the taste is sweet and savory.

Sago Martabak
Still in sago ingredients can also be made into Martabak. Sago that is mashed and fried until brown can become Martabak. But inside the Martabak there is brown sugar to add sweetness. This food includes snacks from Papua.

not just any caterpillars and worms//springy
Manokwari Grilled Fish

Manokwari grilled fish from Papua has a different taste from other fish. The grilled fish used here is tuna. What characterizes this Manokwari grilled fish is the chili sauce which has a rough texture and is poured over the fish.

Papuan Rica Chicken

With the basic ingredients of chicken, Papua has typical Rica food with spices such as onions, turmeric, shallots, lemongrass, chilies, and others. The spicy sensation will not make you have a high appetite.

Spicy Balado Egg Sorong Papua
Only spices such as shallots, garlic, and cayenne pepper in large quantities accompanied by corn will accompany your meal time. Even though Balado eggs are very well known, in Papua, Balado eggs have a mixture of corn which is a different characteristic.