Pastries in Germany

Pastries in Germany

Pastries in Germany

Pastries even though only as a snack but many people like it. This light food is always an appetizer for anyone in any country. For connoisseurs of light cake food, they will be happier if they eat in a unique shape. Although pastries with unique shapes can be found anywhere, in Germany pastries are indeed famous for their cute and aesthetic shapes. The following are 5 pastries that you can find in Germany


A cube-shaped cake is a cake that has a unique shape, color, and taste that is loved by all people. Want to find this cake is usually at the celebration of Christmas. It turns out that you can find this cake not only in Germany but in Austria. This cube cake is not just a cake in the shape of a box of chocolate but makes this cake have layers that must be present in the filling so that it can be layered. Dapurletter


Seeing that the shape of Vanillekipferl is very similar to the Snow White cake in Indonesia, it is in the shape of a crescent moon. Of course, you can get this one food not only in Germany but also in Czech, Austria or even in Poland.

This cake is made from almonds which will have a soft texture. Of course, there will be a sweet taste that you can get from this cake because there is refined sugar in the addition of this cake. Even though there are many who sell this cake in other cities or countries, when you go to Germany, this meal will never be missed by tourists.

Honig – Pfeffernusse
available in several countries//sweet

the shape of the Honig is so unique because it is layered. These small cakes are made from nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and anise. If you meet this food elsewhere, don’t be surprised because it’s not only in Germany that sells this one pastry, but also in Denmark. To make this cake even more attractive, this cake is sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Honig Pfeffernuse means a small cake that is as sweet as honey.

Marmoriertes Schwarz – WeiB – Geback

You must have never seen this one biscuit being sold without packaging, have you? Of course, in Germany, you will easily find this one biscuit. The pattern of this biscuit is irregularly circular lines.

it’s not just the crescent shape that the Germans will make on pastries. But there are cookies with a star shape. Usually, this cake is at Christmas celebrations. Making Zimsterne cookies only requires egg whites, almonds, cinnamon, and more.