Seasoning Pasta is often used

Seasoning Pasta that is often used

Seasoning Pasta is often used

Pasta is a typical food from Italy, but in fact, almost all places have tasted pasta of various shapes. Of course, you can cook pasta seasoning in combination with anything. But you must first understand the main ingredients of pasta sauce so that the results you cook are always delicious. The following are pasta seasonings that are often used by many chefs

  1. Bolognese
    Bolognese sauce is a sauce that is often used by pasta makers. This bolognese sauce has a sour taste sensation. In the bolognese sauce, there is a mixture of minced beef and a mixture of spices, and a mixture of onions. Using this sauce is often called spaghetti. Dapurletter


Carbonara usually uses penne pasta. Where the round shape has a slanted shape. This sauce is perfect for those of you who don’t like mixed beef. Because of how to make it from egg yolks with cheese. That’s why this sauce is milky white.

various spices
milky white paste//various spices


If you don’t like beef, you can make marinara sauce, which requires a mixture of seafood. Stick with the basic ingredients of tomatoes but add a mixture of meat and seafood. How to make this sauce is very easy and you need to prepare ingredients such as onions, olive oil, tomatoes, pepper, tomato paste, and water.

Pesto sauce

the sauce that comes from a mixture of basil leaves with olive oil and then mashed. This sauce includes sauce that does not need to be cooked. This sauce still has a savory taste because it comes from garlic, cheese, lemon, and nuts.