5 Typical Argentinian Cuisine

5 Typical Argentinian Cuisine

5 Typical Argentinian Cuisine

Have been around the tourist attractions, don’t forget to taste the typical food. There are many special foods from Argentina, but here are 5 favorite food menus for travelers. The combination menu of food in Argentina mixes with Spanish, Italian, and even Mediterranean spices.


Empanadas are bread that has a variety of fillings. They are shaped like pastels but filled with cheese, ham, chicken, and even sweet corn. For this one menu in Argentina has 2 variations, namely fried or grilled. Dapurletter


Have you ever seen a hot dog? Yes, if you’ve seen it, it’s a form of Choripan in Argentina, similar to a hot dog. The main menu of Chorripan is pork sausage and beef sausage with chimichurri seasoning. For the shape, it is not only long bread but there are also round loaves.

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Asado is a food menu made from chicken or beef and even grilled pork. This typical Argentine food is Leonni Messi’s signature dish.


The shape of Alfarojes is round, the middle of which is smeared with cream. The ingredients for making this menu are only honey, hazelnuts, dulce de leche, and flour.

Foods served as desserts such as waffles. But this menu has a hard texture with a soft filling. At first glance, it looks very similar to Waffle. But the content and form are very different. It has a shape like a pie with a mesh model on it.