Typical Thai Food

Typical Thai Food

Typical Thai Food

Many people who come to Thailand are not only from tourist attractions but there are food menus that they are eager to try. Many people have recognized the delicacy of food from the country of the white elephant, so when you walk to Thailand, you can experience a unique food menu. Some types of typical Thai food that you should try are

Tom Yum

The food that is often known by many people is tom yum because this traditional food has been around for a long time. Tom yum is a food that has lots of water/gravy containing shrimp, tofu, fish, and others. Tom yum soup has a clear broth and a savory taste that comes from coconut milk. Cooking tom yum is not difficult because the spices are very easy to find in the market. Dapurletter


The form of Kalamay is similar to Dodol which is made from glutinous rice flour which has a sweet taste. The packaging of Kalamay is colorful plastic.

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Kao Niew Ma Muang

This one food is like typical Bogor food served with peanuts. Kao Niew Ma Muang has a spicy, salty, and sour taste, and of course, very refreshing. This salad-shaped food is not only famous in Thailand but you can find it in Cambodia.

Moo Ping

Moo ping is a Thai satay that uses pork as its main ingredient. Good satay is of course the same as any other satay you can eat with rice. Of course, those of you who are going to eat satay from Thailand must be someone who can eat pork. The seasoning used for moo ping satay is coconut milk so you can taste the savory taste.


If you want to eat a salad with meat filling, you can try larb dishes. The form of larb food from Thailand itself varies because some use soy sauce and lime to make the taste of fresh larb. Making larb, of course, you can choose what meat to use, whether to use pork or chicken.