Central Kalimantan Typical Food

Central Kalimantan Typical Food

Central Kalimantan Typical Food

Those of you who want to taste food from Central Kalimantan, of course, can do it by making it yourself. Central Kalimantan does not only have the main food, but food to dessert is also in Central Kalimantan and has its own characteristics. The basic ingredients of fish, plants, or flour ingredients can be transformed into tasty and delicious food. You can see the typical food from Central Kalimantan, there are cakes, vegetables, or even porridge-like in Central Kalimantan. Surely those of you who try to taste it will be tempted by the aroma and taste. Here are 6 types of typical food from Central Kalimantan

Kalakai Chips

Dapurletter – Those of you who really like this type of Kalakai chips are very special in Kalimantan, especially in the Kapuas district. If you consume Kalakai from the plant, it will treat diarrhea and is known to be able to increase blood. Of course, it’s very easy to make Kalakai chips, with just the leaves you can coat them with the flour mixture. The chips have a savory taste and are definitely crunchy.


Fermented fish in Kalimantan is often called wadi. Wadi has a very pungent aroma, so not everyone or the people of Kalimantan like it. For the type of fish to be fermented there is no choice of fish, so all tastes are up to each maker. The process of making a wadi is not easy, because it takes approximately 2 days and 2 nights.

Juhu Kujang

Juhu Kujang food made from taro. Caladium is a plant that has wide leaves. Taro plants are not only made for food but also for medicine. Food ingredients in Juhu cleaver are fish, young jackfruit, coconut milk, or spices. Juhu cleaver vegetables are typical of Kalimantan.

Getas Cake
can be cooked at home//cake

Getas Cake or Gagatas Cake is just a snack. But this cake is a typical food from Central Kalimantan. The basic ingredient for getas cake is glutinous rice. The shape of the Gagatas cake is round to oval, but some make the cake shape flat. If you want to try food from Kalimantan but have not been able to reach Kalimantan directly, you can make it yourself. Of course, you can get ingredients that are only in supermarkets easily.

Hindulu Karuang

In Banjars or other places, the name of the typical food of Central Kalimantan is Candil porridge or Zalacca seeds. The main ingredient of Hintalu Karuang is glutinous rice flour, mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar. Although the shape is the same and the way of presentation is the same. But the method of manufacture is different. The manufacture of course will be different from the others. In the process of making all food ingredients processed into one. Only in the process of making the Zalacca seed pulp are the coconut milk and brown sugar separated. The taste of Hintalu Karuang is of course sweet, so those of you who like sweet snacks in Central Kalimantan, don’t forget to stop by to buy some.


One of the foods that characterize Central Kalimantan. It turns out that this is not the first time Lemang has appeared in Central Kalimantan. There are some people who say that this Lemang food was first introduced by Malay people. But it is a typical food of the Dayak tribe. Of course, many are curious about how to cook Lemang. Before starting cooking, prepare clean bamboo first. Fill the bamboo with banana leaves or bamboo leaves and then fill it with sticky rice. after you fill it immediately prepare the fire and cook. For serving, you have to prepare a knife to cut Lemang food. At first glance, Lemang is similar to rice cake or Ketupat.