5 Typical Arabic Food

5 Typical Arabic Food

5 Typical Arabic Food

The food that is famous for its spices is in Arabic. It is not surprising that food in Arabia has a lot of spices because the food itself is typical, namely wheat, chicken, and mutton. What makes this typical Arabic food look different from other foods is how it looks. Because the appearance is really tempting, don’t be surprised if there are many people who sell Arabic cuisine to other countries, including Indonesia.

Actually a lot of typical Arabic food. Here are 5 types of typical Arabic food that will be discussed and need to be tried

Kabsa rice

The appearance of this kasbah rice is like fried rice which has a mixture of meat, spicy spices, and vegetables. How cook kasbah rice is mixed or cooked in one pot. Dapurletter


The shape of samosa food is shaped like pastel but with a triangular shape. This snack contains beef, eggs, cheese, aya, and beef. Usually, this food is always present during the fasting month because it is used as an appetizer.

Bath Rice

have lots of vitamins//nice

The appearance of this mandi rice will make you tempted because of its yellowish color. Not only does it look tempting, but the taste is savory because the meat that holds this food together is grilled. How to cook mandi rice is under an underground hole, this food is very common in Egypt, Turkey, and even in Indonesia itself.


This type of dish is a mixture of various types of food ingredients such as marrow, carrots, green beans, eggplants, meat, and even pumpkin. No wonder because there are many ingredients that have been mixed, and there are many beautiful colors that are lifted. What makes this food thicker is the wheat flour. Eating Margoog certainly has a lot of fiber and vitamins that can be obtained.


Hummus made from bread flour, sesame seeds, and peanuts mixed with olive oil, lemon, garlic, and salt is a typical Middle Eastern food. If you eat this one menu, it’s like eating baked potatoes.