Canadian cuisine

Canadian cuisine

Canadian cuisine

If you want to play in Canada, you must first know the types of food that are different there. Maybe you don’t necessarily like it or you have to anticipate the type of food for the good of your body. For people who have allergies to types of food, you need to pay attention so that you understand better before ordering food at a restaurant or at any food place.

The following are types of food in Canada that will make your tongue wag. The more people who know Canadian cuisine, the easier it will be to order the type of food. Of course, this type of food will provide a lot of vitamins for you

Lobster sandwiches

Dapurletter – Eating lobster is certainly not a portion of normal food, but you should do this food with tongs of bread and several other types of food. With a mixture of lemon, celery, salt and lettuce leave this food will be even more delicious.

The caesar

The Caesar is a menu of drinks such as cocktails. Even though initially this was a drink, this menu is now food such as grilled chicken, chicken wings, and others.

If you saw a bagel, you would think it was a donut. Because bagels have a very similar shape to donuts. But this menu has a different cooking method than donuts.

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Nanaimo Bars
Snacks in Canada such as pineapple bars can make visitors addicted. This food is very delicious because it has a layer of crunchy mixture. Formerly Nanaimo bars were known as chocolate bars since 1952.

Shish Taouk
This one food menu looks like satay at a glance. However, the marination method is different from the usual Sate. Although basically using chicken meat. Marinate these ingredients using yogurt, lemon, and a mixture of Tawook spices.