West Sulawesi Typical Food

West Sulawesi Typical Food

West Sulawesi Typical Food

Bikang Mandar Cake

These snacks and snacks will make you addicted. This type of food is similar to pancakes. People in Sulawesi call it Bikang The basic ingredient for making Bikang is rice flour. Of course, making Bikang by steaming or cooking it. The way of serving Bikang Mandar also uses liquid palm sugar.


Food made from sago. Bake it using clay. This kalumpang food is sometimes the main food for the Mamuju people. For serving, use the piapi smell or put the fish filling in the middle of the kalumpang. But now the taste and way of eating kalumpang are unique because of the filling. So that the middle of the kalumpang filling contains chips or any food that has a taste. Dapurletter

Peapi smell

To make Bau Peapi, you can use tuna. This dish always uses the presentation of fish sauce. It goes very well with other seafood. When cooked or boiled often use Peapi Smell. To serve it also uses traditional spices. The taste smell of Peapi is savory, spicy, and has a slightly sour taste.

Tumpi – Tumpi

Processed Tumpi – Tumpi made from fish. No wonder why the people of Sulawesi make fish food unique. Because Sulawesi is famous for its water city, so there are many variations of fish that you can try, one of which is Tumpi – Tumpi. The end result of the Tumpi – Tumpi shape is a triangular shape with a brownish color. To make Tumpi food using flying fish. Fish that is pureed and seasoned with spices and grated coconut.

fresh fish
using traditional spices//fresh fish

Kui – Kui Cake

Kui – kui cakes are very similar to pukis cakes or Pancong cakes. Of course, you already know that this one food has a delicacy with a savory taste. The basic ingredients for making kui kui cakes are wheat flour and young grated coconut. That’s why this cake has a savory taste from grated coconut.

Sweet Potato Sokkol

The food from Mamuju is sweet potato Sokkol. Sokkoi Ubi has a soft and tasty texture. Fill in Sokkoi Ubi using grated coconut. Taking a walk in West Sulawesi, you can try buying Sokkoi Ubi food.


If you come to West Sulawesi, there will definitely be Sambusa. It’s true that this Sambusa is in the form of fried food. But the stuffing that is given is fish meat. Sambusa is often associated with the Indian food samosa. But in fact, the filling of the Sambosa is not the same as the samosa. Because the stuffing in the samosas is mixed with spices and nuts.

Pawa Bread

Pawa bread has a shape like a bun which is often known by all people. The basic ingredients of Pawa bread are flour, baking powder, eggs, and others. For the filling, you can use brown sugar, cheese jam, chocolate, or whatever suits your taste. The texture of the pawa bread is soft and tender and has a sweet and savory taste.


Food from Baje is famous in Makassar, Mandar, and Bugis. Food made only of glutinous rice and mixed with brown sugar and coconut milk. Don’t be surprised if Baje food has a sticky texture. Baje is usually served at Thanksgiving events. Usually, the Baje is in the form of a rectangular box.

Loka Sattai
The basic ingredients of loka Sattai are Kepok bananas. But the mixture to make it more delicious uses coconut milk and salt. If you have an ulcer then this food is perfect.