Typical Banten Food

Typical Banten Food

Typical Banten Food

Have lived in Banten for a long time but don’t know what the typical food of Banten is, of course, that’s a mistake. Knowing many kinds of cooking methods will not make us bored with the food menu. Here are 5 typical Banten food menus.


The shape of the Gipang is a rectangle. The basic ingredients of Gipang are white glutinous rice or red sticky rice. Gipang is currently very difficult to find. When making gipang don’t forget to mix the tamarind water and sugar. That’s why Gipang is always sticky but crunchy and sweet.

Marrow Grilled Rice

Dapurletter – The rice that has been mixed with various ingredients makes a dish in banana leaves and then grilled. In the rice, there is a savory and delicious aroma of spices.


Opak snacks are crunchy and savory. It turns out that this delicious salty opaque snack comes from Banten. To taste the opaque, you have to apply the brown sugar liquid first. Rice flour that is turned into a soft dough and made into flat rounds. After flattening it, just dry it for a while and fry it.


Food from the basic ingredients of glutinous rice and coconut milk will be very easy to make. Distinctive flavors such as sweet, savory, and salty are very suitable when served with salted eggs. Leumeung wrapped in banana leaf.

Milkfish satay

appetizing food//satay

If most people do milkfish only steamed or fried. Milkfish cooked into satay. Using some fine spices combined with thick coconut milk. Making milkfish satay is very tasty.