The Origin of Chilok

The Origin of Chilok

The Origin of Chilok

Chilok is a food that is still in the interest of many people. Not only small children who like to eat Chilok but adults also like this food. Indeed, it only exists in plugs, but with a delicious mixture of peanut sauce, the Chilok lovers continue to grow.

This Chilok comes from Sundanese, but since it was famous, Chilok is very famous everywhere. People who eat Chilok will of course provide different variations of dishes. If you want to eat Chilok then you have to make sure you have made it correctly. Because this one food at first glance is very easy to make but not having the right method will make it weird.

How to make it?

The ingredients for making Chilok are actually very easy to find, so those of you who want to make Chilok make sure you have the right recipe and the consistency of the flour is correct. Chilok was originally just empty but now there are many sellers who make various variations, there is Chilok filled with eggs, there is Chilok filled with cheese and there is also Chilok filled with chilies. Dapurletter

Can’t wait to know how to make Chilok with the recipe

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there is a recipe made by Aci//good taste

Cilok Material:

  • Wheat flour 250 gr
  • Tapioca flour 150 gr
  • Water 800 ml
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Pepper 1 tsp
  • Scallions according to taste
  • Salt 1/2 tsp
  • Flavoring or broth powder 1- 2 tsp
  • 1 egg
The method
  • The first step in making Chilok is to bring the water to a boil and then add the garlic, pepper, salt, and flavoring.
  • Then after the spices have boiled, add the flour while stirring until smooth, don’t let the mixture burn. After it’s cooked, remove it immediately, don’t let it get cold, then lift it.
  • after the mixture has been lifted into another basin, you can mix the green onions. Because spring onions are only for flavoring. After that, prepare to add eggs and tapioca flour to knead (stir). Knead the dough until it’s not sticky, if it’s still sticky then you can mix in the tapioca again.
  • if you have mixed all the ingredients then you make a circle so that it becomes a round Aci. But make sure your hands have been given tapioca flour so it doesn’t all stick to your hands. If you want to add filling to the Aci, don’t forget to prepare the ingredients before forming your circle, which you will fill in.
  • when all the dough is finished you prepare the Aci to cook. Keep in mind when you are going to cook the Aci, cook until the Aciappears on the surface, don’t cook it too long.
  • when the Aciis finished cooking, steam it for 15-20 minutes. The process of making soft Aciis steam for a long time doesn’t matter, the important thing is not to cook it too long.
  • if the Acihas been steamed, then you just need to prepare the peanut sauce. Because the peanut sauce will make the Aci very suitable for serving.