Impact of Formalin Foods

Impact of Formalin Foods

Impact of Formalin Foods

Formalin is a colorless and odorless liquid. This liquid is flammable when the temperature is above 31 degrees. Formalin would actually be better if used on corpses or biological samples. But until now there are still many who find formaldehyde in food, cosmetics, and even medicines. If there are foodstuffs or cosmetics that use formalin, of course, it will make a big enough impact on the body


Frequent consumption of formalin can disturb the digestive system, such as pain, vomiting, and others. It doesn’t take long for the reaction to get very fast. Too often consumed causes gastric pain. If there is a lot of formalin in the food, it will become poison. Dapurletter

Eye irritation

Those of you who have experienced watery, sore, or red eyes caused by food means that the food contains formaldehyde. A body that is already vulnerable will easily have an immediate effect.

Side effects can be due to the presence of carcinogens in food. Enduring ordinary pain maybe you can stand it. But if cancer is going to be different, the story is very painful. People who get cancer have a difficult risk of surviving.

fresh fish
It is dangerous to consume formalin food//fresh fish

There are many things that trigger the effects of formalin, so we really need strict regulations so that the food that will enter the body can still be controlled. Those of you who want to buy food must understand what types of food ingredients are usually given formalin.


fish, beef, goat, chicken, or any meat if no flies come close it means the meat contains formaldehyde. The flies that are on the meat are not dirty, in fact, from the flies, we know that the food we are going to buy is safe and does not contain formalin.

  1. Wet Noodles
    Wet noodles are a type of noodle that is often traded. Many people like to buy wet noodles to just store in the refrigerator or to sell. However, wet noodles on the market must be tested, because food containing formaldehyde is found in wet noodles. The supervisors have been able to prove several times that wet noodles contain formaldehyde.