How to make soft chai Pao from Sumatra

How to make soft chai Pao from Sumatra

How to make soft chai Pao from Sumatra

Chai Pao is a steamed cake filled with various types of vegetables. Of course, this food is very tasty, sweet, and delicious. If your child can’t eat vegetables, you can try making Cai Pao. Because you can make this food once to give a different eating sensation. Apart from that, you will easily make your children love vegetables. How to make Cai Pao is not complicated, if you want to try it the first time you can taste it in the field. But for those of you who are curious, you can make it at home, here’s how

Cai Pao Ingredients

The first thing to do is prepare the vegetables. Prepare the ingredients and cook until cooked. Once cooked, serve the vegetables on a plate and cool to room temperature. The vegetables you need are: Dapurletter

  • Tofu 5 pcs
  • Bengkoang 1/2 kg
  • Carrots 1/4kg
  • Cabbage 1/4kg

The next step is to cook the vegetables. Mix all the vegetables don’t forget to add the kitchen spices such as:

  • Salt 2 tsp
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Micin/flavoring 1/2 tsp
Meanwhile, how to make Cai Pao skin dough is
soft and supple
cooking stages//soft and supple
  • Starch 1/4 kg
  • 1kg sweet potato (For the sweet potato, you can use any red or sweet potato)

Cai pao skin made from sweet potato and flour. The texture of the yam itself is very very chewy and also soft. Cai Pao food is rich in vitamins because there are many vegetables in this food.