Central Sulawesi Typical Food

Central Sulawesi Typical Food

Central Sulawesi Typical Food

Central Sulawesi has several big cities so the typical food in Central Sulawesi is not only in 1 place. If you have ever traveled to Central Sulawesi, you will definitely understand better or you are a native of Central Sulawesi. If someone says that Central Sulawesi is only famous for food from 1 city, that is of course a mistake. Because actually, every big city in Palu has its own unique cuisine.

One of the joys in life is being able to taste good food, even if you don’t come from where you were born. There are not a few people who deliberately organize meals with their families or events for themselves outside the island. Not only because of the food menu but there is also an atmosphere that you want to do. The following is a typical food menu from South Sulawesi


The ONYOP menu when viewed looks like Jenang. This ONYOPdish when served has a sour sauce from the feeling of lemons. Even though it’s sour, there’s still freshness that can be taken. Dapurletter


Congee from Manado has a different name from other places. Even though at first glance they are similar to porridge – porridge that is everywhere, this Manado porridge has lots of vegetables. Of course, Tinutuan porridge will be healthier than usual porridge.

can eat while enjoying the view//Onyop


A food menu with seafood ingredients can of course be obtained. Various types of materials will unite so that you can feel incomparable pleasure.

Dole Fish

If you look at the shape you will not be aware of the basic ingredients of fish. Because dole fish is served in a triangular shape. Dole fish is not just a fish that is shaped, but there are also young coconuts.

Sate Gogos POKEA

Visiting Konawe or Asera districts, to be precise, at Kali Pohara, you can find the gogos POKEAsatay menu. The basic ingredients used in making clam satay are of course very spicy. Of course, this menu will be accompanied by peanut sauce.