Brazilian Food

Brazilian Food

Brazilian Food

BBQ meat

Barbeque is one type of food that you often encounter when you are in Brazil. Because Brazilians really like barbeque meat. Not only meat but there are sausages, steaks, and various kinds of meat.

Pato No Tucupi

Pato no tucupi is a dish that uses duck. How to cook it only by using tucupi sauce. How to cook it only by using tucupi sauce. Pato no tucupi is famous for its sauce. This tucupi sauce is a sauce made from fermented cassava root. Manage this sweet potato can not just carelessly, because it must be processed or boiled for up to 3 to 5 days so that the poison is lost. Dapurletter


The shape of this food is so unique and funny. Where the shape is round but the top is sharp. Those of you who want to eat this, of course, can make it yourself, you don’t need to go to Brazil. But when in Brazil you can taste it first for a taste test. Conxinha is a food made from flour and has fillings such as shredded chicken, scallions, parsley, and onions.


sweet and savory
food using fresh meat//sweet and savory

The appearance of the Vatapa is like bread that is baked with some mixture. The mixture is coconut milk, bread, peanuts, shrimp, coconut oil, and crushed spices.

quindim foods such as pudding. A very sweet snack and has a beautiful color. Agar agar mixed with egg yolks, sugar, and grated coconut. The texture of this food is so soft.