What do you cook the cuttlefish deliciously?

What do you cook the cuttlefish delicious?

What do you cook the cuttlefish deliciously?

When you hear the word fish, you definitely prefer to fry it because it’s more practical, right? But when you get the cuttlefish you don’t need to just fry it. The shark menu can vary. You just need to do combinations or even variations in cooking. What do you cook the cuttlefish deliciously?

For you cooks and eaters, it will be very easy to change your taste. You can do a combination of dishes if you are bored with just frying fish. The following is a menu of shark fish Dapurletter

  1. Sauté
    the stir fry menu is of course not a bother. The ingredients for stir-frying are so easy. All you need to do is prepare all the ingredients. You can make stir-fried eggplant, chopped green tomatoes, or spicy sauteed salted fish.
  2. Sambal
    Slices of lime leaves, Smoked Slices, Salty Slices, or Fried Slices. The chili menu that you can make is certainly very easy. You can cook an easy chili menu.
  3. Gravy
    The soupy food also varies, you can make shark with coconut milk. You not only make coconut milk but you can make it into the yellow sauce and many more. The problem with the sauce is actually you can choose what type of food you want.
Various types can be processed//crispy

When you are going to cook swordfish you need to smear the spices so that the food is delicious to eat. Those of you who are going to cook your shark can use ingredients such as

  • vinegar water
  • lemon water
  • lime
  • Salt
  • Or even ginger.