West Nusa Tenggara Typical Food

West Nusa Tenggara Typical Food

West Nusa Tenggara Typical Food

Entering West Nusa Tenggara, you really need to try local specialties directly on the spot. You will never be satisfied if you don’t try the food directly at the place. Tasting typical food accompanied by a different atmosphere will make this dish even more tempting. So there are some typical NTB foods that you shouldn’t miss

Vegetable kelor kelor

With the basic ingredients of Moringa leaves which are made as a soup, this is a mainstay menu for the people of NTB. Most people make Moringa leaves only as a drink, but in fact, Moringa leaves can also be a clear vegetable.

Taliwang chicken

If you stop by the island of Lombok, you must have heard of Taliwang chicken. The chicken in NTB is not just ordinary chicken. But when you eat the Taliwang chicken there will be a spicy sensation, as well as fragrant spices and apart from that, the bones are very easy to remove. Dapurletter

Pusut Satay
Seeing the shape of the Satay Pusut you will definitely feel something different. Because Satay Pusut will give a different taste and a unique appearance. Assorted spices and minced meat will make 1 dough.


Ares is a vegetable from kapok bananas, of course, this menu is typical of chili. Even though in the past Ares was only served at parties, with the development of the times, Ares’s food can be touched anywhere. The result of this Ares menu is that it has a sweet and savory taste.

there are lots of good food//delicious

Eggplant Duck
The appearance of the eggplant slices is like a hodgepodge. But the main ingredient of this one food is purple eggplant. For a better taste, mix the purple eggplant with lime juice and selected spices. The taste of the eggplant is spicy, sour, sweet, and fresh.