Typical West Java Food

Typical West Java Food

Typical West Java Food

Typical West Java Food

Enjoying food from West Java in a cold atmosphere is so delicious. It is true that West Java is famous for its cool and fresh air. So do not be surprised if most of the food is body warmer. Even if you don’t go directly to West Java, the typical food of West Java has spread everywhere.


Dapurletter – Batagor actually stands for Bakso TAhu Fried with a mixture of peanut sauce. Batagor is indeed a typical food from Bandung. Batagor snacks are easy to find anywhere, moreover, this food is famous for school snacks.


Seblak is a food that has actually been around since the 90s. But the new Seblak famous around the 2000s. The Seblak menu is very famous for people who like spicy food. If you find Seblak food, there must be many variants, because actually, the filling for Seblak is instant noodles, wet crackers, meatballs, and frozen food.

can be enjoyed in several places//nice

Dodol arrowroot

This one special food is often made as a gift for travelers in arrowroot. Initially, Dodol arrowroot was made from brown sugar, coconut milk, and glutinous rice flour. But currently, arrowroot Dodol has several variants. Dodol arrowroot is at first glance similar to Jenang, but Dodol arrowroot is smoother.

Know Sumedang

Tofu Sumedang indeed the basic ingredient is tofu. But this Sumedang tofu when eaten empty in the middle tastes delicious and very tasty. Don’t worry about Sumedang’s curiosity. The taste will still be there even when fried. Snacks of tofu Sumedang will not be difficult to find.

Sweet Potato

Called Cilembu sweet potato because it comes from the Cilembu area, Sumedang, West Java. Cilembu tubers when roasted will release a sticky liquid, even so, the liquid in the Cilembu sweet potato is so sweet. So Cilembu sweet potato is not suitable for frying, because it will burn easily.

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