Typical Food in Russia

Typical Food in Russia

Typical Food in Russia

Want to make food from Russia, of course, you have to understand that Russia is famous for its thick spices. Various kinds of food from Russia are already known in many places, especially by tourists who visit Russia. Tourists visiting Russia, of course, want to enjoy typical food so that they have an interesting experience. The following are typical foods from Russia


The food called Pelmeni is shaped like a dumpling. But in Russia, this meal is often compared to pasta. This food contains minced meat which will later be served together with broth or sour cream. This food looks ordinary but if you have tasted this food, you will not easily forget it. Dapurletter

  1. Shashlik
    Russian satay is called shashlik. Of course, the satay that Russians use is the same as other citizens, namely beef or goat. But there are also many who use pork. Do not be surprised why use pork. Because the majority of Russians have a Christian religion and pork for Russians is of course halal. The unique thing is that Russians eat shashlik with vinegar seasoning.
  2. Borscht
    This food menu is perfect when served in winter because this menu will be made into soup. These beautiful colors and various mixtures certainly make food viewers more appetized. If you want to make this dish, you don’t have to bother and wait for long results because it only takes about 30 minutes to make this food.
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Blini are pancakes from Russia. Pancakes in Russia have a topping of salmon, sour cream, and caviar. The toppings served on pancakes are different from other countries which are usually with syrup or fresh fruit but in Russia, you can use salmon and others.

Shchi is a typical Russian soup that has been around for a long time. The main ingredients of this soup are mushrooms, herbs, and cabbage. However, over time, this soup is added with flour, bay leaves, black pepper, and others. You who want to try this soup can easily make it at home. This food is usually accompanied by bread.