Typical Chinese Food

Typical Chinese Food

Typical Chinese Food

visiting China just to study or you really want to intend to travel, of course, you shouldn’t just come to this place. This place will make you the best experience when you go to China. Typical Chinese food that you need to try when you come to this country are as follows

Peking duck

Peking duck is roast duck. This food is the favorite food of Chinese people. Of course, roast duck is not difficult to find, especially in Indonesia itself. What makes Chinese people happy about roast duck is its delicious taste. Dapurletter


jiaozi is a meal in the form of dumplings or dumplings. Of course, the ingredients for making jiaozi are different from Siomay, because jiaozi uses wheat flour which contains chicken meat. Of course, the meat that is the filling has already been cooked so that when you make the layers, it will be steamed or fried.

  1. Bintanghulu
    in China, sweets that have hardened will be stabbed in varying amounts. These candied candies are very much liked by children to teenagers. Not because it tastes good but because this food is so beautiful and I want to have it. Cherry fruit in China is easy to get and is very suitable for making sweets.
    Nian Gao
    Nian Gao is a basket cake. The form of serving this cake is quite different in Indonesia. Of course, this food is always in a hurry just before the Chinese New Year. This chewy cake is loved by anyone because it has a delicious taste.
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indeed in Indonesia, you can get to know Kwetiau because there are many Chinese people who like to eat this. Even though the Kwetiau is so easy to cook, when you visit China, the taste that is presented is different from what you make yourself. Kwetiau will be accompanied by friends such as pork sausages, duck eggs, and fish balls. However, each region will display different Kwetiau, so you don’t need to be surprised by the various views that will be served.