Lebanese cuisine

Lebanese cuisine

Lebanese cuisine

those of you who have the opportunity to go to Lebanon, then you have to taste the typical food. There is nothing wrong with filling your free time to try the food menu that is being sold. For those of you who eat in Lebanon, don’t be surprised if there are lots of strong spices. The following is typical Lebanese cuisine that you can taste

  1. Kibbeh
    The food from Lebanon is meatballs. Of course, these meatballs are filled with minced meat and covered with wheat. The shape of meatballs from Lebanon is shaped like a cone which remains in the shape of a ball at the bottom. Walking around Lebanon, you will still find kibbeh very easily. The way to eat kibbeh is with a dipping sauce made from sesame or eaten with a side salad. Dapurletter

Rice Pilaf

Pilaf rice is rice with vermicelli mixed with celery leaves. Rice pilaf is often mixed with chicken or lamb. The way of serving rice pilaf is by stirring it evenly.

Badem Tatlisi
For those of you who like to eat on the go but don’t want to eat heavily, this menu is the right menu. Meeting this food will provide a different experience. Because the contents of Badem Tatlisi vary, such as peanuts, cashews, or even almonds. Badem Tatlisi food is often made into a dessert which is usually enjoyed with a cup of tea or wine.

Lebanese food
enjoy food with dipping sauce//Lebanese food

Lady Fingers

a unique menu from Lebanon is lady’s fingers. This one food menu has a delicious taste and a unique shape like ice cream covered in half the chocolate. If you want to find lady finger food, you don’t need to bother because it’s easy to find it on the streets at an inexpensive price. Lady’s fingers are made from rolls filled with onions and spinach.


The Lebanese also have pizza but mini in size. The pizza that is served will be sprinkled with cheese and ground beef. Of course, cheese is just a topping.