Indian food

Indian food

Indian food

The food menu in India is varied so even those of you who don’t like spicy food in India can find it. Of course, the Indian food menu will not be easy to find in any country. Those of you who want to see what the food menu is and want to try it this time can do it. Here are 5 famous food menus in India


Dapurletter – This form of eating is the bread that has a savory and crunchy taste. The basic ingredient for naan is yeast flour. Naan has a distinctive shape and is different from other loaves of bread. To process naan bread an oven made of clay.


Kulfi when noticed is like ice cream. Of course, this food is like a dessert. You can find Kulfi in places other than India, namely Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, and others. Ingredients for making kulfi from fresh milk and sugar are boiled over low heat. If you see kulfi at a street vendor the place used is ice cubes and salt. The kulfi flavor is not just 1 flavor, there are vanilla, rose, and mango flavors.

various types of food
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If you often watch Indian films, you must be familiar with laddu food, which is often mentioned. Small round food has a sweet taste. The ingredients for making laddu are rather coarse flour and sugar, but some make laddu with chickpea flour and coconut. Of course, to make laddu when it is about to be shaped round, you have to grease it with butter first and then fry it. Usually, laddu will be there at events or celebrations only.


The ingredients for making rajma masala are red beans that have been dried but then boiled again. This menu will usually be served with bread. The nut mix is ​​cumin, garam masala, chili powder, and turmeric. You can saute all the spices that are ready in the pan until cooked. The rajma masala food menu is perfect for dieters.


Pakora at first glance looks like fried Bakwan or Bala Bala. Serving pakora, of course, must have a dipping sauce or soy sauce. Snacks that make many people addicted. Did you know that Pakora is a food that has very good nutrition. Healthy food consisting of vegetables and eggs. Making pakoras is not as difficult as you might think.