East Kalimantan Typical Food

East Kalimantan Typical Food

East Kalimantan Typical Food

As a tourist in East Kalimantan, you will be surprised if this unique and distinctive food is fish, vegetables, meat, or other seafood. Even though the basic ingredients are normal, the menu that will be given is not ordinary. East Kalimantan does not only have language and customs. But the food menu in East Kalimantan can hypnotize tourists. East Kalimantan can provide any basic ingredients, so it’s no wonder that food in East Kalimantan is rarely found in any area. With 5 special food menus from East Kalimantan, you can try it yourself at home. Or you can try this food menu when you are a traveler in East Kalimantan.

Roba Ruan

Dapurletter – Roba Ruan, if you pay attention, is very similar to shredded meat. Of course, Roba Ruan can be eaten with warm rice. Roba ruan is made from cork fish which is shredded and cooked with various kinds of spices, coconut milk, and lime. Food that can make a person forget the portion of food. Roba Ruan will make you addicted.

Brackish Satay

The material used for brackish satay is deer meat. Brackish satay is a food that is rare and hard to find. The texture of deer meat is very different from chicken or goat meat. Because brackish meat has a savory, sweet taste and a soft texture. But those of you who encounter traditional events in East Kalimantan will find brackish satay very easily.

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Vegetable Sour Gangan Kutai

The separate dish is usually fish with vegetables. Serve Angan Kutai vegetables together. The ingredients used for the vegetables are Kangkung tamarind, eggplant, banana heart, taro, and mixed with snakehead fish. The taste that will be the hallmark of this dish is fresh and the fish broth is very strong.

Sambal Raja

Use chili sauce in serving food. It can be with white rice, brackish satay, seasoned crab, and many more. Do not forget to also have stuffing such as long beans, sliced ​​purple eggplant, and boiled eggs and doused with a spicy concoction of spices. Get rid of your doubts when you taste Kutai’s special food. Because just by cutting all the ingredients into small pieces and mincing them, it will be very easy to process. There are several frying processes that require red chili, sugar and salt. But don’t forget to add Chinese orange juice after finishing.

Gangan Manok

The appearance of this Gangan Manok dish is like meatballs. But this is not just any meatball. Chicken meatballs made using ground chicken meat and flour. Add spices to make it taste good and tasty.. Even though the result has a clear broth, it has a savory taste. This typical Balikpapan food is not just a dish, but the name of the dish has a meaning. Where Manok means chicken, while Gangan is vegetable. If you want to have another menu apart from Gangan Manok, you can serve it with Oyong or with spinach.